A short poem about Family

Birds of a feather are stronger when they flock together They are your everything, try not to miss anything Sure, we can't choose them, but it will scar if you lose them Treat them with pride, like you would your bride They are yours to protect, so don't disrespect Help yours grow strong, far less … Continue reading A short poem about Family

Something I need to get off my chest

I find it shocking the amount of hate for Muslims as a whole I have been hearing. Racism has NEVER done the human race any good. It's actually beginning to make me feel physically sick when I hear some of the shit that comes out of "fellow" Brits mouths, it's getting way too common. I … Continue reading Something I need to get off my chest

My First Poem

So I was watching 'The Get Down' one night and I saw the scene when the main character read his poem to the teacher and it gave me goosebumps. I immediately grabbed a pen and paper and started writing lines, it kept me up until 6am. I have since added to it overtime, but this is the outcome. I hope you enjoy. I am cooking up another one at present which I can hopefully post shortly.